Mr Nice Guy (A Spoken Word Poem)

Here’s another poem I’ve been working on for a while. The point of this poem is that when given the choice between keeping quiet to keep the peace or speaking up and fighting for people’s hearts I have chosen the latter. I will not be merely a meek observer of life, too afraid of ruffling feathers. I am not content to allow my life to pass me by while I avoid confrontation and follow all “the rules”.

I will defend the hearts of others and their right to think and act differently from myself. I won’t stand for the dehumanization or vilification of people, no matter how different we may seem.

I will rock the boat. I will pursue my joy. I have determined to laugh easily, love intentionally, and forgive gracefully.

I do NOT want to be known as a “nice guy”.

Nice Guy is milquetoast. And not to boast,

But I would rather hold a streak of temerity.

I want to have the courage to fight when all around me fall.

I will build a wall, and I will call

To the world “I will not go down in defeat!”

Nice Guy would only retreat.


I want to be intentional about loving.

With passion and grace,

When others see my face

I want them to break out in smiles not hives.

‘Cause I’m like a warm blanket in their lives,

And we’ll spend a thousand breaths breaking out in fits of laughter

Nice Guy is too meek to matter


I will resolutely pursue the heart of my wife

For the rest of my life I’ll make the study of her eyes a quest.

And every breath in her chest

And nuance of her sunburst smile

I’ll come to know and perfect the art of making her laugh

Just so I can hear her voice.

Nice Guy won’t make duty a choice.


I will not doubt the worth of a person

I will only speak after I think

And I will raise a stink

When people’s hearts get lost in the discussion

I will speak with percussion

Blow by weighty blow the full count I will go

Nice guy fears the big KO.


When hearts bleed I will patch them

When Folks fall I will catch them, snatch them

From whole batches of whipped backs

With the broken I will stand

And lend a hand

With their shattered hearts to reattach them

Nice Guy will only tax them


Nice guy always finishes

First he’s a bursted bubble of trouble

Stuck on daily double

He wears a mask of happy faces

To hide his focus on his own reflection

He’s got a complexion of abdication

Nice Guy lives a quiet life of desperation


When I am laid to rest I do not want my headstone to read “Always paid his taxes”.

Or “never missed a Sunday sermon”

People would say I was determined

People would say I gave my all.

For those who could not stand I stood tall.

For those who could not speak I spoke

That I never let a person be a joke


They’ll say I had a heart for the hearts of others

That I tried to make all my brothers

That I fought for the right to love and be loved

That when the darkness came my voice led

That when their hearts would bleed my heart bled

That I was heels over head

To bring their worth back from the dead


Don’t tell me of their value you’ve got misgivings

Because your hands aren’t dirty from what you call living

Don’t tell me how their skin color makes them stupid

How their sexual orientation makes your vexation lucid

That your solution is elusive while rooted in being abusive

I won’t turn a blind eye to the hate you supply. This is my rallying cry:

No more mister Nice Guy.


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