I need you to take your precious hateful opinion and just keep it to yourself


I’m done. Finished. I am sick of seeing posts and articles and statements that dehumanize and vilify others. I am tired of the opinion that one’s desires outweigh those of another. I am weary of the glee with which some celebrate the suffering and death of those who are different. I am grieved by the attitude that humanity is a trait only deserved by those like oneself. Are they not also husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters; lovers, fighters, dreamers – deeply cherished by someone? Do they not also laugh and cry, share stories of hope or fear; and gaze into the night sky with a yearning?

What pretentious entitlement negates your obligation to honor their humanity with a minimum of respect? Have you forgotten that each and every one of them, like you, was born, and cradled, and loved? Is it who they love that makes your disdain acceptable? Perhaps it is what God or gods they worship, or that they worship no god at all that makes your hatred agreeable. Is it how they’ve lived their past, or maybe how you perceive their future that makes your contempt a satisfactory choice? Is it their skin color, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, education, income, status, or perception that makes your scorn so palatable?

This isn’t about avoiding confrontation on delicate subjects. It’s not about bypassing tough conversations about tough situations. This is about addressing such subjects with an eye on the respect of other’s humanity as a priority. If you really think you are a reasonable and loving person how do you rationalize your words and actions towards those who are different? If you consider yourself a good and righteous person then you cannot in good conscience think yourself any better than another human. And if you do think you are better than anyone else then you are not actually a good and righteous person.

So I’m done. I’ve seen and heard enough. I am no longer going to let the dehumanization or vilification of others be something I allow into my life. Whether you are family or friend or a social media “follower”, expect me to call you out on it. And if it continues then you can expect me to cut you out of all the communication channels which I can control. I don’t need your hatred in my life, or my family’s life, or my children’s life. I decide what kind of people with which I will surround myself, and I choose to surround myself with those who speak and act with love. So the next time you feel like sharing that article, video, or statement painting an entire group of people as evil or reveling in the sorrow and suffering of others, I need you to take your precious hateful opinion and just keep it to yourself.

#humanity   #love   #peace


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